Abstract Submission

2019 Microbiome Abstract Submission is now CLOSED

Thank you to everyone who submitted an abstract for consideration. ABSTRACT submission is now CLOSED. The organizing committee is working to evaluate the current submissions and will notify you of the response soon.

Please contact 2019-microbiome-symposium@mit.edu with questions.

Each participant may submit and present only one abstract.
The symposium committee will review all submitted abstracts and determine whether the abstract is suitable for an oral or poster presentation. If an abstract is not selected for a flash talk, it is expected that
the submitting author will present a poster. If an abstract is selected for a flash talk, the presenter has the option to also present a poster.

Participants will be notified around Feb. 25 if their abstract was accepted, and whether they were selected for a poster presentation or flash talk.

All posters will be considered for the poster competition, with the exception of posters by current faculty and industry-led research; research associates or postdocs in industry presenting their own research are included in the competition.

Please contact the organizing committee if poster printing costs are a concern and you would like us to print your poster for you.